My name is Jacob Errington. I study computer science and mathematics at McGill University in Montreal.

And I’ve always been fascinated by magic.

In the modern age, the closest thing we have to magic is programming. You have to learn the secret languages, passed down through generations, some more arcane than others. Each comes with a philosophy about how the world works, and some are closer to the core elements of nature than others.

Hence, I’m fascinated by programming. I’m not so much fascinated with what programs can do, but rather by the abstract idea of being to model ideas correctly, precisely, and unambiguously. That probably explains why I like functional programming so much.

That being said, I’m trying to orient my degree towards courses that discuss programming language theory and formal semantics of programs. These days I’m particularly fascinated by dependently typed programming languages.

I’m also interested in human languages. Although I only speak English and French fluently, I’ve taken at some time or another courses about Spanish or Greek. I’m also one of the very few speakers of Lojban, but I suppose that’s to be expected of most constructed languages.